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The absolute best there is. These movies are reminders of why we love films. The game-changers, the critical darlings, the very greatest of all time.

Movies: Kubo and the Two Strings, Black Panther

A movie you have to see on the big screen. After the hard work of the filmmakers, don’t just wait for it to come on Netflix. Go see it in cinemas now!

Movies: Thor Ragnarok, Dunkirk, War for the Planet of the Apes.

Sometimes a movie is good…but not great. Maybe you want to check it out in theatres, but you don’t want to spend all that money on a whole ticket. 

Movies: Red Sparrow, Girls Trip, Kong: Skull Island

These days, staying in can be even better than the theatre. Especially when the movie isn’t even worth the trip. For these movies, it’s best to catch them on cable, or seek them on streaming

Movies: Going In Style, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Cloverfield Paradox

For the movies that make us question what exactly we’re doing as a species. The ones that think maybe sometimes we should stay home and read a good book.

Movies: Suicide Squad, American Assassin, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Movie Money

Every monday, hosted by Shawna-Kay Green, and Damian Michael Movies himself. The show where we tell you who made money at the movies. We discuss the weekend box office, weekly film news, and make our predictions for the week to come

Late to the Party

Ever seen a movie, or heard about an event, only to find out you’re the last person to know about it? Well, you’re not alone. Hosted by Brittany Lawrence 

Everything Is Fine

We’re living in the world just like you. Sometimes the news is funny, weird, depressing, and sometimes it’s all of the above. For those days, it’s a comfort to be reminded that everything is fine.

Hosts: Kyle Howard, Alex Hewitt, Radcliffe Robinson, Damian Levy

15 Minutes

How much of a movie can we tell from the very beginning? How about the end? We test it out watching the first and last 15 minutes of a film we’ve never seen, and try to make our best guess!

Hosts: Kyle Howard, Alex Hewitt, Damian Levy

Hot Mic

Not for the faint of heart. Sometimes, we just want to get into the real stuff. Sex, relationships, we get into it all. If you’ve got headphones, you might want to plug them in for this one.

Host: Kyle Howard



Writer of reviews and producer of podcasts. I’ve been writing movie reviews since 2011, and have been obsessing about them since long before that. I’m the writer of weekly film reviews for The Jamaica Gleaner, and the lead editor at

Favourite Movies: Scent of A Woman, A Fistful of Dollars, Commando, Fruitvale Station, The Godfather


I like feeling all the feels. I guess you could call me a Jamaican artist boy. I’m happiest when I’m making my designs and working on my headphones. I don’t really watch movies, but I love cartoons. Mostly for the art. 

Favourite Movies:  The Dark Knight, The Spongebob Movie, The Painted Veil, District 9


For some reason, I decided to go to med school. Yeah, I know, crazy right? When I’m not struggling to become a doctor, I’m singing, cooking, or scrolling through Netflix. Occasionally I watch a movie, but mostly, I’m binging as much as I can. I also talk a lot. I guess that’s why I’m on a podcast.

Favourite Movies: Parent Trap, The Avengers, Pitch Perfect, The Back-up Plan


Fisherman, Photographer, Software developer. 

I hate writing these things, that’s why I didn’t apply to colleges abroad. It’s easier to do whatever than to write an essay about myself. The hardest thing about remembering the things I like, is I can never remember them when I want to remember them. I should keep a journal. 

Favourite movies: The Lion King, Twilight, Chef, Jaws

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