Movie Money Refinance Episode IV

Well that was disappointing. After last weeks two big contenders flexed their bulging sequel muscles, I hoped that this weeks new releases would give some semblance of a change up. Alas, dinosaurs and superheroes remained supreme. At number one for the second weekend in a row we have ‘Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom’, making a smooth $60M domestically, bringing it’s US total to $264.7M. Once again though the big story comes from its international take, which has pushed the Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard led epic to $934.8M. Certainly a billion is in the near future.

Number 2 was ‘Incredibles 2’. It seems 14 years is a long wait, but not long enough for a fandom to dissipate. The film brought in $45.5M domestically, and has a worldwide total of $648.8M. It’s surpassed the first film even if you factor inflation. ‘Incredibles’ has an adjusted domestic gross of $384.9M, while ‘Incredibles 2’ has already grossed $440.6M.  

At number 3 we have yet another sequel, also enjoying the fruits of a its return. Although comparitively ‘Sicario: Day of The Soldado’ is a much smaller film, it’s still managed to have a much stronger opening than the first film, which had a grand debut of $12M. 

The number 4 spot belongs to
‘Uncle Drew’.
Based off the…famous ad campaign? ‘Uncle Drew’ brought in an unconscionable $15M this weekend. A travesty of epic proportions for all of humanity. It’s likely that the somewhat favourably reviewed (compared to dirt) film will go on to gross double that in its runtime. The only solace is that it opened with $5M under its supposed $20M budget. 

And dinally, Oceans 8 at number 5 this week. The gender swapped sequel made $8.3M this weekend and has gone on to gross $115M domestically and has tripled it’s $70M budget worldwide, bringing it $210M. It’s done quite well for itself.

That’s it for the Top 5 but listen to the podcast up top to hear Shawna and Damian discuss that, who should direct a Black Widow movie, and Argentina’s demise in the world cup. Yeah it’s a movie podcast but we’re only human. 

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