Movie Money Refinanced: Episode I

This weekend at the box office had very few surprises, with the exception of one mildly impressive opening. Coming in at number 5 is ‘Avengers Infinity War’ which brought in $7.2M bringing it ever so close to that coveted $2B worldwide total. The film will likely hit that in the coming week, as it’s just $2M shy. 

When you see your opening weekend numbers

At number 4 we have ‘Hereditary’, dubbed as this years horror surprise and, “the scariest movie of all time”. Well, what’s scary is its opening numbers totalling $13+M. With a $10M budget, it’s not the worst opening in the world, but it’s not as if this will be the box office breakout hit of the year. 

The number 3 movie is the irreverent, juvenile and hyperviolent superhero smash ‘Deadpool 2’, bringing in ‘Hereditary’ numbers with a $14.1M weekend. The sequel has brought in a total $655M worldwide. The original film came to a total of $783.1M, so it doesn’t look like the sequel will do quite as well, but for a $110M film, Deadpool remains one of the most profitable film franchises in existence. A third film is all but guaranteed at this point. 

The biggest disappointment of the year, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ has brought in $15.7M in its third weekend, which brings its worldwide total to a resounding $313.4M. That’s incredibly low considering the film’s $250M budget, the immense marketing costs that follow any Star Wars property. It’s by far the least successful product from the galaxy far far away.

Finally, we have that modest hit in the top spot ‘Ocean’s 8’, performing with a solid $41.6M. The star studded cast intrigued audiences and made for a good chunk of its $70M budget, as its worldwide gross sits at $54.1M. Not bad considering most gender swapped properties tend to underperform. 

That’s gonna have to hold ‘Ocean’s 8’ because the next two weeks are going to be a severe nightmare for any movie not named incredible or jurassic. The pixar sequel is tracking $140M opening and in the week after that dinosaurs walk the earth to once again dominate the box office. It just remains to be seen if these two mega releases will engage in mutually assured destruction, eating away at each other’s audience. Still, ‘Incredibles 2’ must be pleased to have the first run at the summer crowd. 

For the audio discussion of the top 5 you can get that right here with the first episode of ‘Movie Money Refinanced’. We also make discussions of the several trailers that came out last week. Most of which giving our first looks at highly anticipated films like ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Halloween’, ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3′, and…’Mortal Engines’?? 

What a summer this will be 

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