Movie Money Refinanced: Episode X

August has been a very telling month for the weekend box office. It’s had a few surprises despite being very much the same every week. Now as September approaches, perhaps there’s gonna be a bit more of a shake up week to week in the top 5. As it stands we’ve had some movies clean house the last few weeks simply because, well, if no one else is gonna do it…

Case in point, the number 1 movie this week was once again, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ making $22.1M in its 3rd weekend, but 4 day weekend totals actually bring it up to $28.3M. The film has brought in $110.8M domestically, and a worldwide gross of $136.9M, all on a $30M budget. It’s consistently had weekends between $20-$30M, giving it one of the most consistent releases of the year. It’s not the only mainstay this week either. Number 2 this week goes to we have ‘The Meg’ with $10.5M over the 3 day weekend, and $13.4M at the 4 day total. Domestically the film has grossed at $123.4M, just shy of its $130M budget, but the true majesty is with its $465.7M worldwide gross, which will surely bring ‘The Meg’ to being a $500M movie, or just shy of it.

Receiving a nice bump from last week, it’s ‘Mission Impossible Fallout’. Once again Ethan Hunt holds on for dear life in the top 5, this weekend bringing in $7M on the 3 day weekend, and $4M on the 4 day weekend. The domestic gross sits at $206.3M, and its worldwide gross is $650M. It’s travelling behind the last two installments in the franchise but not by much. At least, domestically. $3M more and it’ll beat out ‘Ghost Protocol in the domestic tally, but worldwide its still trailing behind ‘Rogue Nation’ by about $30M. Who knows, maybe the IMF can pull off another miracle. 

Now here’s the tricky part. See, with the 3 day weekend, ‘Searching’ is at number 4 with $6,070,000, and ‘Operation Finale’ is at number 5 with $6,019,000. But, with the 4 day weekend, ‘Operation Finale’ is at number 4 with $7.8M, and ‘Searching’ is at number 5 with $7.65. All this to say, if the world ended at midnight on Sunday, Searching would be at number 4. Unfortunately for them, the world continued on, and ‘Operation Finale’ snatched the spot. 

If you want to hear more on the top 5, the recent ‘Predator’ trailer, and my review for the God awful ‘The Happytime Murders’, you can listen to the podcast episode up top. 


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