Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XI


She needs no introduction since she blasted straight into the top 5 at number 1 this week. The…5th? film in the Conjuring Universe is yet another in the series to open with a dominating position in the box office. It made $53.8M domestically, and worldwide it’s made an insane $130M. All on a budget of $22M. That’s a success story if I ever saw one, and although reviews haven’t been kind to this entry, safe to say ‘The Nun’ will be content counting the millions she brings, in the weeks to come. 

She feeds on the hearts of the pure. And box office returns.

At number 2 we have another newbie. Another ‘Taken’ clone from Luc Besson, this time starring Jennifer Garner as an avatar for vengeance. It brought in $13.4M which coincidentally is it’s current rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film cost $25M to make and has only made $14M worldwide. Moving on from that we have those ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ getting crazy rich again, trailing behind pepperment by a mere $300k with $13.1M. I don’t really need to express just how successful this movie has been again, but this week the film that cost $30M to make, shot up to $164M worldwide so, yeah that sequel is still coming. 

Number 4 went to ‘The Meg’, trudging along slowly but surely to that coveted $500M worldwide total. Currently its total is at $492M after bringing in $6M and having its domestic total finally top its $130M budget, at $131M. Finally at number 5 ‘Searching’ made $4.5M this weekend with a domestic total of $14.3M, and a worldwide total of $32M. I’m still struggling to find its budget but I can’t imagine it was a costly film to make. I mean Macbooks are expensive but they’re not $32M expensive. Yet. 

That’s it for the top 5 and as always give the podcast episode a listen as we discuss the Captain Marvel official photos, the Oscars pushing back their popular film category, and Shawna’s reviews of ‘BlackkKlansman’, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and, ‘Searching’. 

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