‘Snake Eyes’ (2021) Review

‘Snake Eyes’ (2021) Review

'Snake Eyes' (2021) Review: Batman Begins Again

After a tight lipped debut in 2009’s GI Joe, the character of Snake Eyes, has had a rocky road back to the big screen. Now without a team by his side, the story of the masked man without a voice can finally be told. Yet, for what’s supposed to be the untold story, finally told after a decade of anticipation, ‘Snake Eyes’ feels like it lacks identity.

That’s a major component for any film, but especially an origin story like ‘Snake Eyes’. There is a story to be told here. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but, a young boy witnesses the death of his father and swears vengeance on the people responsible. He travels far and wide as an underground fighter, only to be discovered by someone who can give him the skills he needs to complete his mission. 

Yeah I’d look the same way if my film got ripped off.

The first act of the film borrows heavily (or outright steals, you choose), from another popular origin film about a man who dresses head to toe in black and names himself after a creature, Batman Begins, and does so with shameless speed. The film blazes through its shoddy opening scenes as if it’s embarrassed to present them. 

After that the movie finds its rhythm as Snake Eyes undergoes his training to become the skilled master he’s meant to be. When it comes time to show that skill however, the movie flatlines. The action in the film might as well be a collection of placeholder shots that the filmmakers forgot to reshoot. 

Completely wasting Iko Uwais in the process

You spend most of the movie looking at Henry Golding’s angst ridden face, rather than Snake Eyes’ iconic helmet. Thankfully, Golding and the rest of the cast are committed to their roles despite how silly their dialogue can be. The performances carry the movie and manage to get you invested in a by the numbers story. One that’s told with a shoddy opening, an intriguing middle, and a deflated conclusion. ‘Snake Eyes’ is as mixed a bag as they come.

Rating: Catch It On Cable

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