‘Wrath Of Man’ (2021) Review

‘Wrath Of Man’ (2021) Review

'Wrath Of Man' (2021) Review: Middling One Man Army

Jason Statham is no stranger to action, but then, why would he be? Too grizzly to be a leading man in a romantic comedy, and he has a voice that’s great for making threats, but not exactly monologues. He’s the personification of toughness, and he does it well. No one knows this better than Guy Ritchie, the director of ‘Wrath of Man’, who also directed Statham in the actor’s first ever film. It’s that understanding that makes this performance one of the best in Statham’s career. If only it were in a better film. 

Like this one

Perhaps its more that Statham does more with less here than his usual roles. Most of Statham’s screen time in this film is devoted to a simple look. A mean menacing mug to ward off any unwanted company. Few actors could be as terrifying as he is, but few actors are as imposing as Jason Statham. It’s an effective performance as a silent killer with the utmost focus on the task at hand: Avenging the death of his only son. He’s not a man of many words but when he has something to say, it’s unfortunately some of the worst dialogue. Even by action movie standards. 

If this review seems heavily focused on Jason Statham, that’s because the rest of the cast may as well be nonexistent. They’re forgettable with the exception of Scott Eastwood, who sports a scar on his face to make up for his personality deficiency. This is a film about a man on the hunt for his son’s killer no matter what the cost. That cost never seems all that great. The cast members who are meant to oppose this one man army seem to mildly annoy him rather than pose a threat. ‘Wrath of Man’ tries its best to establish stakes but forgets to give you characters to care about. 

Scowling like a wounded dog

While it’s not the best action film, it’s far from the worst. The gun fights in the movie are exciting, and the movie’s non linear storytelling keeps the momentum going just when it starts to drag. The dialogue is still bad from the get go, and keeps going until it beats you into submission, but it’s a decent watch, with an intriguing mystery that manages to foster intrigue as it unfolds. 

Rating: Catch It On Cable

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