‘The Suicide Squad’ (2021) Review

‘The Suicide Squad’ (2021) Review

'The Suicide Squad' (2021) Review: Dream Team

For the uninitiated, comic books can be incomprehensible. They’re chock full of strange elements of a wide variety. Yet beneath the trippy visuals and concepts, lies an undeniable humanity in its characters, and their stories. The Suicide Squad is a film that embraces that truth, leaning into the weird and delivering a movie that has more heart than most blockbuster movies. That, and a giant bipedal shark with the voice of Rocky Balboa.

The Great White Italian Stallion

‘The Suicide Squad’ depicts the latest mission of Task Force X. A team composed of the most disposable supervillains in DC comics. Villains such as Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, John Cena’s Peacemaker, and most importantly, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The mission is simple. In the dead of night sneak into the island nation Corto Maltese, infiltrate their secret facility, and destroy the mysterious “Project Starfish” before it can be used as a weapon against the United States. 

Along the way they’ll encounter numerous obstacles, most of which are self imposed. The Suicide Squad isn’t the most accomplished team, but it’s by far the most entertaining. Their antics and mishaps are also profoundly bloody. The violence in ‘The Suicide Squad’ is visceral and gratuitous, lingering on grotesque imagery, but not quite long enough to process what you just witnessed. Viewer discretion is highly advised for the faint of heart. 

What a shot though

Despite it’s gore, the movie is also remarkably beautiful. It manages to create empathy for the worst of the worst, giving you a peek into their deranged perspectives with visuals that make you question the sanity of the filmmakers themselves. ‘The Suicide Squad’ represents the very best that DC films can be, taking the kind of risks that you wouldn’t see in a Marvel property.

The dialogue in the movie ranges from juvenile to poignant in the blink of an eye. A lot of the laughs in the movie come with a feeling of loss. It’s either laugh or you cry with this gang of damaged mercenaries and super folk. That doesn’t mean it isn’t full of laughs. The movie has a strong handle on physical comedy, and manages to make their characters funny without robbing them of their depth. 

‘The Suicide Squad’ would be one of the greatest of all time, but in all its mastery of tone and its visual fidelity, it never got me to cry. Having said that, it’s a movie that’s as touching as it is hilarious, with performances that show an incredible level of commitment to roles that on paper, should not work at all.

Rating: Big Screen Watch

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  1. “taking the kind of risks that you wouldn’t see in a Marvel property”
    …like letting middle school boys write and produce?
    “one of the greatest of all time”?
    Did you actually watch this astoundingly bad movie????

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