‘The Fault In Our Stars’ (2014) Review

The Fault In Our Stars (2014) Review Romance is a tricky thing to portray in cinema. Simply because, everyone has their own idea of love, relationships, and intimacy. Just recently it was revealed to me that most of my colleagues are of the opinion that one should not enter into a relationship without the intention of marriage. This was insane to me. Can you imagine the amount of build up one would have to do to ensure that the person they're pursuing is at least tolerable? Marriage is, theoretically, a lifelong commitment. To peg someone down as worthy of such a commitment is almost impossible. Mainly because it's an enormous amount of pressure to put on a person, whether they know they're being tested or not. For me, a relationship shouldn't be a litmus test for holy matrimony. Instead, it should be an exploration of another person. Getting to know their story and the idiosyncrasies that make them, them. In turn, you start to find yourself feeling more and more attached to this person. They're the first ones you think of in the morning and the last at night. You make every day about them. Pinning some grand expectation on a person only sullies the time you have with them.Of course, there are those that view romantic love as a complete lie. A fabrication by the manufacturers of greeting cards and heart-shaped chocolates. It's from these people that the greatest critiques of romantic movies come from. Complaints that the romantic film has…

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