‘The Suicide Squad’ (2021) Review

'The Suicide Squad' (2021) Review: Dream Team For the uninitiated, comic books can be incomprehensible. They’re chock full of strange elements of a wide variety. Yet beneath the trippy visuals and concepts, lies an undeniable humanity in its characters, and their stories. The Suicide Squad is a film that embraces that truth, leaning into the weird and delivering a movie that has more heart than most blockbuster movies. That, and a giant bipedal shark with the voice of Rocky Balboa.‘The Suicide Squad’ depicts the latest mission of Task Force X. A team composed of the most disposable supervillains in DC comics. Villains such as Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, John Cena’s Peacemaker, and most importantly, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The mission is simple. In the dead of night sneak into the island nation Corto Maltese, infiltrate their secret facility, and destroy the mysterious “Project Starfish” before it can be used as a weapon against the United States. Along the way they’ll encounter numerous obstacles, most of which are self imposed. The Suicide Squad isn’t the most accomplished team, but it’s by far the most entertaining. Their antics and mishaps are also profoundly bloody. The violence in ‘The Suicide Squad’ is visceral and gratuitous, lingering on grotesque imagery, but not quite long enough to process what you just witnessed. Viewer discretion is highly advised for the faint of heart. Despite it’s gore, the movie is also remarkably beautiful. It manages to create empathy for the worst of…

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‘Wrath Of Man’ (2021) Review

'Wrath Of Man' (2021) Review: Middling One Man Army Jason Statham is no stranger to action, but then, why would he be? Too grizzly to be a leading man in a romantic comedy, and he has a voice that's great for making threats, but not exactly monologues. He's the personification of toughness, and he does it well. No one knows this better than Guy Ritchie, the director of 'Wrath of Man', who also directed Statham in the actor's first ever film. It's that understanding that makes this performance one of the best in Statham's career. If only it were in a better film. Perhaps its more that Statham does more with less here than his usual roles. Most of Statham's screen time in this film is devoted to a simple look. A mean menacing mug to ward off any unwanted company. Few actors could be as terrifying as he is, but few actors are as imposing as Jason Statham. It's an effective performance as a silent killer with the utmost focus on the task at hand: Avenging the death of his only son. He's not a man of many words but when he has something to say, it's unfortunately some of the worst dialogue. Even by action movie standards. If this review seems heavily focused on Jason Statham, that's because the rest of the cast may as well be nonexistent. They're forgettable with the exception of Scott Eastwood, who sports a scar on his…

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‘Snake Eyes’ (2021) Review

'Snake Eyes' (2021) Review: Batman Begins Again After a tight lipped debut in 2009’s GI Joe, the character of Snake Eyes, has had a rocky road back to the big screen. Now without a team by his side, the story of the masked man without a voice can finally be told. Yet, for what’s supposed to be the untold story, finally told after a decade of anticipation, ‘Snake Eyes’ feels like it lacks identity.That’s a major component for any film, but especially an origin story like ‘Snake Eyes’. There is a story to be told here. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but, a young boy witnesses the death of his father and swears vengeance on the people responsible. He travels far and wide as an underground fighter, only to be discovered by someone who can give him the skills he needs to complete his mission. The first act of the film borrows heavily (or outright steals, you choose), from another popular origin film about a man who dresses head to toe in black and names himself after a creature, Batman Begins, and does so with shameless speed. The film blazes through its shoddy opening scenes as if it's embarrassed to present them. After that the movie finds its rhythm as Snake Eyes undergoes his training to become the skilled master he’s meant to be. When it comes time to show that skill however, the movie flatlines. The action in the film…

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