‘Black Adam’ (2022) Review

'Black Adam' (2022) Review: A Fair Start ‘Black Adam’ has been a long time coming. In the 15 years since Dwayne Johnson’s casting, superhero films have become the most successful in the world, and Johnson himself, an international superstar. Over a decade of development delays have led to Johnson’s super debut as the titular character. It’s also led to one of the most derivative superhero movies in recent memory.That is especially frustrating given what ‘Black Adam’ purports to be. The movie centres on its anti-hero, branding itself as a movie about a different breed of superperson. When he awakens after 5,000 years of slumber, he reintroduces himself to the modern world in murderous fashion. Black Adam isn’t concerned with ethics and legal restrictions, and he’s more than willing to take a life. He’s not like other superheroes, unless of course you count Deadpool, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Batman, and even Superman, all of whom have taken lives with no ambiguity and in high definition. As a superhero film, ‘Black Adam’ positions itself as a breath of fresh air, but feels more akin to a carbon copy. Several of the characters feel like alternates for what’s already been depicted on screen in better films. While it’s far from original, knocking ‘Black Adam’ for being derivative feels punitive. The medium of comics is notorious for duplicating abilities and storylines ad infinitum. The worth of a good story isn’t in its originality, but in what it does with its…

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‘Halloween Ends’ (2022) Review

'Halloween Ends' (2022) Review: Solid Send Off It’s been 4 years since Michael Myers was last seen. Laurie Strode has lost her daughter, and devotes her life to moving past the trauma she’s endured since the fateful night in 1978, when the Bogeyman came to her door. She makes the best out of a complicated life in a town that’s turned her tragedy into tittle-tattle. As evil rears its ugly mask, the Strode family must once again battle their homicidal harasser, for one last time. A well done fright fest will give you all the chills down your spine, along with strong characters and story. Most get by on getting the audience to keep the light on at night with their shock and awe, but a series like ‘Halloween’ has the legacy to offer up a better class of horror.‘Halloween Ends’ is one such film. The conclusion to the Michael Myers saga has all the requisite slashings for a nail biting good time, yet manages to give its characters a dramatic and endearing treatment. The film paints a portrait of survival in the aftermath of tragedy. Jamie Lee Curtis plays a woman living with her PTSD, passing on her coping to her similarly afflicted grandchild. There’s a sense of hope that’s been missing since her return in 2018.The film has lofty ambitions for its characters and dares to delve deeply into their psyche. Rohan Campell’s Corey Cunningham is a falsely accused pariah navigating…

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