‘Venom’ (2018) Review

Venom (2018) Review: Vicious, Evil, Nearly Overly Mundane 11 years ago, there was a frustratingly terribly movie called ‘Spider-Man 3’. It’s tyranny showed the world one of the most beloved villains of all time, a hulking, vicious being fueled purely by hatred, as portrayed as the guy from ‘That 70s Show’. Needless to say it was a portrayal that left fans hungry, nay, starved, for a more substantial meal. Fast forward to 2018, and the character is taking top billing. Played by oscar nominated actor Tom Hardy, and helmed by ‘Zombieland’ director Ruben Fleischer, it seemed the character was on a slow, but momentous, track to finally getting the treatment he deserved. Yes, the character would be stripped of his connection to Spider-Man, a trait some would classifying as a defining characterstic. No, he wouldn't be able to play with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (The film makes that clear when "In Association With Marvel" comes up in the opening credits with very little fanfare). Was this film centered around a homicidal alien with no regard for human life rated PG-13? Yes of course it was. But at least the character was on a track to getting the treatment he deserved? Well...You might be surprised. You might even be astonished. Flabbergasted; to hear, that despite the veritable cavalcade of negative word coming out about this film, I actually enjoyed it. Not in an ironic way, or in with a “so bad…

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‘The Intent 2: The Come Up’ (2018) Review

The Intent 2: The Come Up (2018) Review: Real Actors, Real Story If you asked your typical movie-goer how many times they went to the cinema a year, the answer is likely to be counted on one hand. Of that number, you can bet that the usual suspects will be a superhero movie, the oscar movie everyone else said they should see, and the film starring their favourite actor. Outside of that though you have a sea of films that go unnoticed. Critical darlings and independent gems that capture the essence of humanity better than any blockbuster ever could. That’s the goal of ‘The Intent 2: The Come Up’. A film that places authenticity above all else. It tells the story of two young orphans, raised by their foster mother in a life of crime. Selling drugs & robbing nightclubs is business as usual for Jay, played by rapper Ghetts, and G - Money, played by Ashley Chin. They’re bond as brothers is put to the test when the two, and their crew, must travel to Jamaica in hopes of holding on to the life they built from nothing. The film features Ghetts, but he’s not the only musician making his way into acting. Artist Popcaan plays the Jamaican crime lord “Soursop”, in one of the most gripping performances of the film. What’s special about ‘The Intent 2: The Come Up’, is how it rises above its shortcomings. The film’s low budget…

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