‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ (2015) Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) Review My first Bond movie was 'Casino Royale'. I had heard of the legend of James Bond and the spy genre was one that I was familiar with even though I'd never seen a spy movie myself. Films like the Incredibles, the Austin Powers franchise and countless cartoons had made the spy cliches and tropes readily apparent to me. The outlandish villains, the ridiculous gadgets, and a film score that would be one moment, a subtle bassline and then the next an exploding trumpet. All of these references I had come to know, but I'd never actually seen the source material. It seemed intimidating to get into a franchise with 20 previous iterations and nearly 50 years of history, especially to a young movie buff of 10. So there, watching 'Casino Royale', my first spy movie, I was ecstatic.To be honest, the movie was wonderful, but my young self couldn't help but feel cheated. The music was serviceable, but not particularly thrilling. The villain was calculated but hardly larger than life. The gadgets were practical but not exactly interesting. All of the things I had been trained to look out for were nowhere to be found. I'm not saying I didn't like what I got, it just wasn't what I sought out. The opening chase scene of 'Casino Royale' is a technical marvel and one of the best action scenes of the last decade, and a steely-eyed James Bond…

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