012 Big People Tings: Di Artist Dutty But Di Song Did Sweet

012 Big People Tings: Di Artist Dutty But Di Song Did Sweet What do you do when an artist you like does something you disagree with?Do you shun them? Cancel them?Then what happens when you hear the song again and you can't help but sing along?We asked ourselves these questions and made an episode about it.

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‘Bad Boys For Life’ (2020) Review

'Bad Boys For Life' (2020) Review: Ride Till I Can't No More In the 25 years it’s existed, I’ve never seen a film from the ‘Bad Boys’ series. If you asked me the names of the characters, I would have said “Fresh Prince & Martin”. Still, even with my limited knowledge, I could tell you of a few iconic moments. The time Mike & Marcus intimidated Marcus’ daughter’s boyfriend, the time they burst into a KKK rally guns blazing, or even the iconic shot of the duo with Martin Lawrence exclaiming the exact moment when things got real. All of these moments I know from ‘Bad Boys’ because whatever you may say about the series, it’s without a doubt iconic, with moments that transcended the cinematic experience and became part of a culture. Like Luke denying Darth Vader’s fatherhood, or Don Corleone making an unrefusable offer. ‘Bad Boys For Life’ knows this, and manages to reference its iconic moments far better than most long awaited sequels. Sequels like this tend to operate under a considerable amount of pressure. Coming back to the franchise the movie has to not only be a loving homage to what came before, but also innovate with new ideas so it doesn’t feel like a rehash. To that end ‘Bad Boys For Life’ is successful. Giving you more than enough that’s new, and organically weaving in the old. Old is the name of the game in this film.…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode 46 (13-01-2020)

Movie Money Refinanced: Episode 46 - Oscar Talk & Morbius Banter It's the first Movie Money of 2020, and we're ready to talk movies for the rest of the year. First up, we have a look at what looks to be one of the biggest movies of 2020, 'Morbius' that seems to be related to the MCU Spider-Man.Not to mention the trailer for New Mutants, and a breakdown of the 2020 Oscar nominees.

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‘Underwater’ (2020) Review

'Underwater' (2019) Review: Jawlien When Martin Scorsese compared superhero movies to theme park rides, he did so attracting the ire of fans the world over. Though his comments weren’t unfounded, I couldn’t help but find them reductive. A theme park ride has little to no story, character types instead of characters, and the plot is centred around the action rather than any meaningful message or character arc. Superhero movies aren’t like that, but ‘Underwater’ certainly is.The movie opens with a catastrophe, wasting no time getting to the meat of the matter. ‘Underwater’ seeks to give you a survival experience that’s visually arresting. You’re following a group of crew members at an underwater research station that has mysteriously started to flood. Their only hope for survival is to walk across the ocean floor, armed with nothing but their wits, and some high tech scuba suits, to a neighbouring station. To make matters worse, something seems to have awoken beneath the depths, and it has an appetite for scared survivors. Watching the movie I definitely felt a sense of dread. The situation the characters are in strikes the right level of hopelessness. The movie presents a number of problems for the characters to solve, and takes joy in showing you how that’s done. I found myself invested in the details, rather than in the characters themselves. Most of which don’t offer much to go off of. The dialogue is hard to hear at times, leaving…

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011 Big People Tings: Sugar Daddies & Sugar Mommas (BPT LIVE)

011 Sugar Daddies & Sugar Mommas (BPT LIVE) Transactional relationships aren't a new thing, but one can argue they're more complicated than ever. It can be hard to tell what's happening between the lines. So we thought we should talk about it in detail and darkness.This episode was recorded live and features an interactive audience. It was something of a chaotic recording so the audio is not as clean as it typically is, but it's just as entertaining.

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