Movie Money Refinanced: Episode IX

This weekend the top 5 box office provided yet another win for diveristy in film and offered an important lesson for studios. Hint: Making movies of a minority ethnicity isn't a risk anymore. Nor was it ever. What a way for that lesson to be learned. After making back its $30M budget in its opening weekend, the all Asian cast romantic comedy, 'Crazy Rich Asians' has had a monstroud second weekend bringing in $24M, just dipping 6.4% below its opening. That's an incredible feat and it means the film has more than doubled its budget just domestically. Worldwide the film has made $83.9M and is set to make more as it releases in more regions around the globe. At number 2 we have 'The Meg' with $12.8M in its 3rd weekend in the top five. Its domestic total is $105M dragging behind its $130M budget, but it's more than made up for it worldwide as it's global total sits at a comfortable $411.5M. Lurking behind at #3 is 'The Happytime Murders', which opened with $9.5M, massively underperforming behind it's $40M budget. Safe to say the crude muppet McCarthy murder mystery is a bomb, and there's really nothing more to say on it. Hopefully the world forgets about it soon.Continuing to dominate the field is 'Mission Impossible: Fallout', which has made $8M this weekend, and has surpassed its budget of $178M, with its domestic total of $193M. Worldwide the film has grossed $538.7M. Finally at…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode VIII

Well this week's top 5 is full of surprises, and strange bunch of films. You have a movie about an internet horror story, Winnie The Pooh in action, Tom Cruise jumping out of a plane and of course, at number 5 is a Spike Lee joint, but number 1 is a movie about a great white. Only in America.Yes the number 1 movie this week is 'The Meg'. It made $45.4M this weekend, which is a far cry from its $130M budget. Luckily, the film swims well in international waters, and has amassed $146.9M. The film is something of a monster hit and will likely clean up for the rest of August along with the number 2 film. Ethan Hunt may be headed for his biggest total yet as 'Mission Impossible Fallout' is enjoying big numbers every single weekend with very steady decline. The film has brought in $30M more than the last 'Mission Impossible' film, 'Rogue Nation' did in the same amount of time. Right now it's made $436.9M worldwide and shows very little signs of stopping.Continuing, 'Disney's Christopher Robin' is enjoying its second week in a row in the top 5 and despite that Disney name, this weekend it only made $12.9M, with a domestic total of $50.5M. Worldwide it sits at $62.9M, and with a budget of $75M, it's not looking good for the live action adventure. Things get slightly better with 'Slender Man' at number 4. About 7 years…

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‘Blindspotting’ (2018) Review

Blindspotting (2018) Review: Clear Cut Cinema As I write this review, I hesitate to begin any sort of synopsis for the plot. It’s one of those rare instances where truly I feel, the less you know about the film ‘Blindspotting’, the better. You can already guess how I feel about the film (It’s in the thumbnail), but to put it simply, this is the best film of the year so far. It demands your attention. Go see it now. On with the review.via GIPHY ^You, going to see Blindspotting, right now The film opens on the main character Collin, played by Daveed Diggs. He waits patiently to hear the conditions of this parole release. All he has to do is make it one year, with no complications, and he’ll once again be a free man. Fast forward 11 months and 27 days, Collin has only 3 days to go before he can get the sweet taste of freedom. This being a movie, those end up being 3 of the hardest days of his life. Along with Collin is his community, and his peers. Most of the film is spent watching him work alongside his friend Miles played by Rafael Casal. Miles is a bit of a hothead and if anyone can keep Collin on the bad side of the law, it’s Miles, the caucasian, tatted, grill sporting, chain wearing, loud mouth who looks like if Macklemore took to thrift shopping as his bonafide…

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