‘Godzilla vs Kong’ (2021) Review

'Godzilla Vs Kong' (2021) Review:Best Frenemies Forever What a strange ride it’s been. It started out with a historic remake of a beloved classic, one that painstakingly refrained from showing its titular titan, and strived for an authentic aesthetic. As noble an attempt as this was, it ended up being mostly effective at splitting audiences. The loudest voice being the one that cries foul on the movie for its sparing use of a ginormous lizard with fire breath and a huge spiky tail.Whether you prefer a more contemplative look at your kaiju, the fact is, these films have gone the way of hollow earths, and ancient giant monster rivalries. Which brings us to the latest in the Monsterverse. Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats for the battle of the beasts streaming straight into your living room. This ain’t pay per view folks, this is HBO MAX, giving you the mythological Manny and Mayweather. In one corner you have the all american underdog, the soulful simian from skull island, Kong. In the next corner, fresh off his championship bout with King Ghidorah, it’s the reigning champ, the legend, the thing your mother sees when she looks at a croaking lizard, Godzilla. This ring isn’t big enough for the two of them, so it’s an all out battle for supremacy. These two are after the bestiary bragging rights that only an alpha can claim. You’d think that after being crowned King of the…

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