Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XXVI (28-05-2019)

Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XXVI You ain't never had friends like us! Aladdin is the top of the charts this weekend and a number of big wins over the memorial day weekend. We also have several trailers this week from 'Terminator: Dark Fate', 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood', 'Abominable', and the greatest of them all, a devastatingly glorious tv spot for 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'.

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Late To The Party: Game Of Thrones

003 Late To The Party: Jurassic Park Game Of Thrones It was the biggest show in the world, but now it's over. Yes, Game of Thrones came to an end just a few days ago but for one special guest, it began only a couple of months ago. We take some time to get a sense of the show from the perspective of someone, special guest Ashley Neisbeth, who hadn't been watching the worldwide phenomenon for years but only joined the party in 2019. Enjoy!

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XXV (21-05-2019)

Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XXV After missing last week, we have a few news stories to catch up on, like the trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home and the Trailer for It Chapter 2. This week though we saw the trailer for the Maleficent sequel, Black Mirror season 5, and, the planets have aligned to give us yet another piece of controversial Batman casting.

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Late To The Party: Jurassic Park

002 Late To The Party: Jurassic Park This week on late to the party, special guest and Jurassic Park fanatic Kyle Howard comes onto the podcast to give some much-needed insight on why the franchise has lasted so long, yet Brittany has only been exposed to it in recent years. Which is her favourite? Does she have any love for the much-beloved franchise? Tune in to find out...

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Late To The Party: Pokemon & Detective Pikachu

001 Late To The Party: Pokemon & Detective Pikachu Have you ever seen everyone around you be so obsessed with something? Then later on in life you tried to see what all the fuss was about but, it seemed like everyone else just went on home. Yup. You were late to the party. That's the new podcast we've got for you today and in it, we explore the life of someone who never had any experience with the worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon.

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XXIV (06-05-2019)

Movie Money Refinanced: Episode XXIV Regimes fall all the time and it's about time the reign of James Cameron's Avatar came to an end. After 10 years on top, it looks like Avengers Endgame just might do it. It's an eventful top 5 this week, but a big story is the blue demon himself Sonic the Hedgehog whose CG rendition is the stuff of nightmares. That and a word on Spider-Man Far From Home and the future of the MCU

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‘The Intruder’ (2019) Review

The Intruder (2019) Review: A Crime to Cinema For many, last week’s ‘Avengers Endgame’ was the peak of blockbuster cinema. Everything from the early days of Jaws and Star Wars paved the way for the monstrous display of superheroics that landed in theatres. A real example that even though it’s never been easier to enjoy a film from the comfort of your own home, there are still reasons to go to the movies. If it seems that it can’t get any better, then the only way to go is down. And there is no further down than ‘The Intruder’This film is a distinct reminder that not everything that makes it to the cinema is worthy of being there. Going to the cinema requires a commitment. Aside from the price of admission, you have to set aside a particular time in the week for a theatre showing, hope for a reasonable crowd, and depending on where you live or work, make the drive, walk, or run, to your seat. Going through all that just to watch ‘The Intruder’ is a bit like being waitlisted for a fancy restaurant, only to be told the only thing left in the kitchen is soup and bread. And not the good stuff.It’s not a difficult premise to summarise. In fact it’s a stunning parallel to director Deon Taylor’s last travesty ‘Traffik’, which happens to be one of the worst films of 2018. A young newlywed couple, played…

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