Big People Tings: The Trouble With Taxis

001 Big People Tings: The Trouble With Taxis It's a brand new day and time for a brand new podcast. Talking about real issues from a Jamaican perspective. We'll be covering local issues, international stories, and whatever we think people want to hear about. Every week a new topic with our takes on it. This week, we're talking about public transportation, bad driving taxis, and what makes it persist. 

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Late To The Party: Thriller

011 Late To The Party: Thriller It's close to miiiiidnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark...It's not a zombie, or a werewolf, or a pop star, it's just a podcaster editing in the dark. And this week's podcast is about one of the most iconic music videos. Not just of the 80s, but of all time. We talk about the perspective from someone who wasn't there when it came out, and was later to the party than most.

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‘Maleficent Mistress of Evil’ (2019) Review

'Maleficent Mistress of Evil' (2019) Review: Guess Who's Coming To The Castle. Full disclosure: I have not seen the 2014 film ‘Maleficent’. When it came out I was more or less unenthused by the concept. It seemed like a film no one asked for, and there were far more interesting movies out in the summer of 2014. Still, of all of Disney’s villains, Maleficent seemed to be the one with the most potential. She’s got it all. Charisma. Style. The ability to turn into a dragon. To give her a backstory could’ve been a good idea, and while unimpressive movies churn out sequels every year, the existence of ‘Maleficent Mistress of Evil’ means it must have impressed someone. Clearly there's something here right? Lacking any knowledge of the preceding story didn’t leave me too lost. The first act of the film clearly makes reference to the original, but eventually gets to a place where the movie becomes its own beast. Queen Aurora of The Moors, the haven of mythical creatures that neighbours a kingdom of humans, has just been proposed to by Prince Phillip, heir to said human kingdom. Her Godmother Maleficent is less than pleased with the arrangement, one that could unite the world of men with the world of myth. That's a very dramatic way of saying Aurora is about her very own 'Meet The Parents' style dinner. The scenes that play on the differences between the two families are by…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode 41 (14-10-2019)

Movie Money Refinanced: Episode 41 We have something a little different this time around for movie money. We have the usual show of course, the top 5 box office, and the weekly movie news, but we also get into our first in depth topic. We give you a list of entry level horror movies, for people who want to dip their toe before diving headfast into the genre.

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‘The Addams Family’ (2019) Review

'The Addams Family' (2019) Review: To Die For I know we live in a world where everything that’s old becomes new again, but I’m honestly surprised there’s a new ‘Addams Family’ movie. Beloved franchise aside, surely there comes a point where the creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky family stops being relevant right? Sure, die hard fans will argue the timelessness of an off kilter nuclear family, but making a new version only opens the door for a number of painful, tired cliches and worst of all, timely pop culture references to make the remake feel “fresh” and “hip”Thankfully, this film avoids those trappings. Mostly. It starts out by introducing you to the Addams at one of the many reasons family gets together. A wedding. Morticia and Gomez are tying the knot and ready to start their lives together. Pity that life will have to be started in exile, as the two are chased away by pitchforks and torches before their marriage can even be consumated (a fact I’m sure was rectified post haste knowing the couple)I like the way the film sets the stakes for the characters pretty instantly. The Addams have every reason to distrust and even fear the outside world, which is why, 13 years later, the children Wednesday and Pugsly are trapped in the walls of Casa de Addams. Protected from the outside world in Nemo-esque fashion, Wednesday decides she belongs in public school with the other people her…

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Late To The Party: The Addams Family (1991)

011 Late To The Party: The Addams Family (1991) Almost 30 years since 'The Addams Family' movie came out in cinemas, and the group is back again for a brand new movie. We take a look at the older version and see if it still holds up in 2019, and how the Addams may seem to a newcomer.

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode 40 (07-10-2019)

Movie Money Refinanced: Episode 40 It's been a long two weeks but finally Movie Money Refinanced returns to give you the very best reporting on the Top 5 Box Office. We also give you our take on the hottest movie news like the Birds of Prey trailer, Martin Scorcese's take on Marvel movies, and some warm news, like Spider-Man rejoining the MCU.

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Late To The Party: The Dark Knight

010 Late To The Party: The Dark Knight Back in the year 2008, one of the biggest movies to come out was a superhero movie known as 'The Dark Knight'. It was the second Batman film to be made by director Christopher Nolan, but for many people, it is the definitive 'Joker' movie, largely due to the Oscar winning performance by Heath Ledger. It broke so many box office records, everyone saw it when it came out.Everyone of course, except Brittany.

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