‘Jason Bourne’ (2016) Review

Jason Bourne (2016) Review: Bourne. Again. Last year, if you paid any attention to the movies, you might have noticed quite a few spy movies came out. You had new spies in 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' and 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E', and all the old guys came out to play like James Bond and Ethan Hunt. Someone it seems wasn't invited to the party. Jason Bourne. I didn't mind this of course, having never seen a Bourne movie, but it was a notable absence. There's no mystery as to the why the spy is making a comeback of course. In this day and age of Snowden, where our information is readily available to the discretionary powers that be, movies about surveillance tap right into the heart of what's happening today.'Jason Bourne' is no different. The movie of course follows Jason Bourne. A man trained to be the ultimate super spy by the CIA. After having exposed the secret agency's secrets out to the world, Jason goes into hiding. He makes his money in underground street fights, against guys he can knock out with one punch. However, when someone from Jason's past brings him information that the world needs to know about, he must decide to either turn a blind eye, or get back in the game. He probably gets back into the game though cause, that'd be a real short movie otherwise. Really 'Jason Bourne' follows a very classic resurgent hero story. The protagonist is brought back into the…

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‘Star Trek Beyond’ (2016) Review

Star Trek: Beyond (2016) Review: Saviour of the Summer When J.J Abrams was announced as the director of 'The Force Awakens' I thought "How amazing is it that one man gets to bring both Star Trek and Star Wars to a new generation". Abrams has always proclaimed to be more of a Star Wars fan so, it seemed to be a better fit. However, after seeing what he did with both franchises, I'm inclined to think differently. The worst thing about 'The Force Awakens' is being to beholden to the original material. The best thing about Abrams' 'Star Trek', is that it isn't. Sometimes it's better to get eyes from outside the fandom to create things for the fandom. Then again, the man made 'Star Trek: Into Darkness', which was problematic for being a remake of 'Wrath of Khan', so maybe I'm just spewing trash.You should probably just forget that movie anyway, since that's exactly what 'Star Trek Beyond' wants you to do, and it gives you a pretty solid film in return. Set three years into the 5 year journey of the USS Enterprise, the movie of course follows Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and the crew you've come to know and love. When a routine rescue mission goes south, and the ship comes crashing down, that crew is left stranded, without resources and Simon Pegg. No it's not a Mission Impossible movie, I promise.Beyond the galaxy's oldest bromance, this movie actually has quite a bit of character. The characters are left momentarily…

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‘Ghostbusters’ (2016) Review

Ghostbusters (2016) Review: A Funny Kind Of Awkward Whatever happened to remakes and sequels? I realize I'm about to argue the artistic integrity of a practice that involves recycling the same stories. I know that's not a winning stance to take, but in my eyes, these movies used to at least carry the pretense of caring. Nowadays, once you have the name of an established property, you don't have to do much else. Instead of tweaking the original story, adding a few interesting new ideas here and there, they are now just shy of carbon copies of the original. If you want examples go see 'Independence Day: Resurgence' or the biggest movie of 2015 'The Force Awakens'.The new 'Ghostbusters' is no different. The biggest issue with it is its lack of originality. Based on the 1984 original of the same name, 'Ghostbusters' is a remake through and through. New York City has seen an rise in paranormal activity, posing a threat to modern society. Thankfully, a group of keen eyed scientists obsessed with the other side pay attention and form the group known as the Ghostbusters, to, you guessed it, bust some ghosts. Only this time, instead of a bunch of dudes, it's a group of girls. Namely, Leslie Jones, Kate Mckinnon, Kirsten Wiig and Melissa Mccarthy.That seems to be the only real change in this film, and it's largely artificial. Story wise, it's beat for beat the same as the original.…

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‘The Legend of Tarzan’ (2016) Review

The Legend of Tarzan (2016) Review: As we reach the middle of the summer blockbuster season, I think it's time to acknowledge: This is a really weird summer. After the explosive way it began with 'Captain America: Civil War', week after week has been a constant stream of movies that were just...strange. I would go into most of them not really excited and leave the mostly just confused, but not exactly disappointed. That's what happened with Independence Day 2, Ninja Turtles 2, and Warcraft. Thus far, there hasn't really been a movie that was worth raving about. That even includes 'Finding Dory' which I've had retroactive mixed feelings about.'The Legend of Tarzan' is no different. I didn't hate it, but I couldn't argue with someone that did, and I understood it, but that's mostly because it's really stupid at times. I won't even call this a live action remake of a Disney classic. It's touted as being a more faithful adaptation of the original story. The untold story if you will. The movie takes place 8 years after Tarzan's left the jungle. He took back his birth name, got a mansion and just boatloads of cash. Safe to say after spending decades in a jungle world, he landed on his feet. The jungle though is not finished with the lord of the apes. A convoluted plot involving slavery, warring tribes and special diamonds brings Tarzan back to his home. Here he must face…

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