The Tragedy of Denzel: Smith Vs. Washington

The Tragedy of Denzel: Smith Vs Washington Tonight is the 94th Oscars. It’s a momentous occasion for several reasons. After two years of lockdowns and empty cinemas, movie theatres have returned. Last year’s Oscars were hampered by covid-19 restrictions. Tonight, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebrates the best in movies, viewers can expect a return to form for the biggest night in movies. Those up for awards have no doubt prepared their speeches. From first time nominees Kristen Stewart to record breakers like Steven Spielberg. Other nominees are Javier Bardem for ‘Being the Ricardos’, Benedict Cumberbatch for ‘Power of the Dog’, and Andrew Garfield for ‘Tick Tick Boom’. Each of their performances deserve acclaim, but the real contest is between two kings. Will Smith for ‘King Richard’ and Denzel Washington for ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’.Will Smith is far from an Oscars novice. Over the last 2 decades he’s been in the conversation for some powerful performances. Yet for Smith, the mark has always been missed. In 2016 his performance in ‘Concussion’ was good enough for the Golden Globes, but got no love from the Oscars. He’s been nominated twice before. Once for his iconic role in ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, and for bringing Muhammad Ali’s story to the screen in ‘Ali’.Denzel on the other hand, is an Oscars darling. This is his 9th nomination for best actor, of which he’s won 2 already. Once in 1990 for his role…

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