Movie Money Refinanced: Episode VIII

Well this week's top 5 is full of surprises, and strange bunch of films. You have a movie about an internet horror story, Winnie The Pooh in action, Tom Cruise jumping out of a plane and of course, at number 5 is a Spike Lee joint, but number 1 is a movie about a great white. Only in America.Yes the number 1 movie this week is 'The Meg'. It made $45.4M this weekend, which is a far cry from its $130M budget. Luckily, the film swims well in international waters, and has amassed $146.9M. The film is something of a monster hit and will likely clean up for the rest of August along with the number 2 film. Ethan Hunt may be headed for his biggest total yet as 'Mission Impossible Fallout' is enjoying big numbers every single weekend with very steady decline. The film has brought in $30M more than the last 'Mission Impossible' film, 'Rogue Nation' did in the same amount of time. Right now it's made $436.9M worldwide and shows very little signs of stopping.Continuing, 'Disney's Christopher Robin' is enjoying its second week in a row in the top 5 and despite that Disney name, this weekend it only made $12.9M, with a domestic total of $50.5M. Worldwide it sits at $62.9M, and with a budget of $75M, it's not looking good for the live action adventure. Things get slightly better with 'Slender Man' at number 4. About 7 years…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode VII

Before I get into the top 5, I have to say if there's any episode of Movie Money you should listen to, it's this one. Over the past weekend, I accidently found myself at an anime convention. That's not a place you want to get into by accident but here we are. If you want to know what it was like, here's a picture from the event. Listen to the podcast for the rest of the rundown. Onward with the box office. So the number 1 movie this week was "Mission Impossible: Fallout", with the biggest opener for the series yet. $61.5M this weekend brought the film's opening worldwide box office to $155.8M. That opening is needed since this is the most expensive Mission Impossible film yet with a $178M budget, quite a jump compared to the last film's $150M budget. At number 2 there is, 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again', with a weekend gross of $15.1M. The worldwide gross continues to impress with $167M, more than double its $75M budget. The film will likely go on to make $200M before its run is over. Number 3, is 'The Equalizer 2', Denzel's superhero turn. Just behind 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again' it brought in $14M this weekend, with a worldwide gross of $70.3M. That's just over its $62M budget, which isn't a blockbuster by any means, but at least $37,822 JM could help it brush past its budget. Slipping down…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode VI

It's never good thing to miss a week of Box Office goodness but alas, that's what had to happen these last two weeks. Thankfully though we are back this week with so much to discuss. The comic con news, and of course the James Gunn controversy. Most importantly though we must discuss, the top 5.  

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode V

Ladies and gentlemen what a surprise, this is the first time in history that the number one movie of the week, is a Marvel movie!If of course the phrase "first time in history" every translated to "For the 20th time in a row", the above statement would be true. While it's no surprise that the number one movie is 'Ant-Man and The Wasp',  it should be noted that much like how Scott Lang transforms to Giant Man this time around, the sequel made a much bigger impact than the first film. At $75.8M domestically, it's surpassed its predecessor by just under $20M. Worldwide it brought in $162M. At number 2 we have 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'. The monstrous sequel enjoying its billion dollar enterprise more than John Hammond enjoys amber topped walking sticks. It's domestic gross this weekend is $28.6M, and on Friday it became the 35th film to cross the billion dollar threshold, with its global cume ending at $1.058M this weekend. All thanks to Goldblum.Following closely behind at numero 3 is 'Incredibles 2', which brought in $29M this weekend for a fantastic domestic total of, so far, $504.3M. Seems all you need to do for success is let a sequel marinate for 14 years before firing up the studio. Worldwide the film stands at $772.7M. At the fourth spot we have 'The First Purge', debuting at $17.3M. However will BlumHouse survive such a hit? Oh look at that, the worldwide gross is…

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Movie Money Refinance Episode IV

Well that was disappointing. After last weeks two big contenders flexed their bulging sequel muscles, I hoped that this weeks new releases would give some semblance of a change up. Alas, dinosaurs and superheroes remained supreme. At number one for the second weekend in a row we have 'Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom', making a smooth $60M domestically, bringing it's US total to $264.7M. Once again though the big story comes from its international take, which has pushed the Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard led epic to $934.8M. Certainly a billion is in the near future. Number 2 was 'Incredibles 2'. It seems 14 years is a long wait, but not long enough for a fandom to dissipate. The film brought in $45.5M domestically, and has a worldwide total of $648.8M. It's surpassed the first film even if you factor inflation. 'Incredibles' has an adjusted domestic gross of $384.9M, while 'Incredibles 2' has already grossed $440.6M. At number 3 we have yet another sequel, also enjoying the fruits of a its return. Although comparitively 'Sicario: Day of The Soldado' is a much smaller film, it's still managed to have a much stronger opening than the first film, which had a grand debut of $12M. The number 4 spot belongs to Sigh. 'Uncle' Siiiiigh 'Uncle Drew'. Based off the...famous ad campaign? 'Uncle Drew' brought in an unconscionable $15M this weekend. A travesty of epic proportions for all of humanity. It's likely that…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode III

2018 has been quite a year for movies, and quite a year for the box office. It seems every month has had massive releases that have somehow been able to share the wealth that comes from serving ravenous film audiences. Certainly films like ‘Solo’ suffer, but by and large, this year is a massive difference to 2017, which was a summer full of underperformance. Never forget, 2017 was so bad, it made Paramount decide to cancel the next 'Transformers' film. This weekend the #1 movie was of course ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’. Not quite as big of an opening as its immediate predecessor, but considering that film’s biggest competition was the second weekend of Paul Feig's 'Spy', it’s not exactly a fair comparison. The dino sequel made $148m at its opening but the real story is in the film's foreign box office numbers, which have amassed a terrifying $567m. Fallen Kingdom had to battle it out with ‘Incredibles 2’, the #2 movie this week, which continues to be a force to be reckoned with at the box office, bringing in $80.3m this weekend. That puts its domestic total to $349.7m, and its worldwide total to $484.4m. Intrestingly, these film’s are enjoying shares of the global box office audience inversely. Jurassic World 2 has made gargantuan amounts of money in the foreign box office, at a rate that makes its $148m opening seem downright modest. Meanwhile, Incredibles 2 is faring only so so…

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Movie Money Refinanced: Episode I

This weekend at the box office had very few surprises, with the exception of one mildly impressive opening. Coming in at number 5 is 'Avengers Infinity War' which brought in $7.2M bringing it ever so close to that coveted $2B worldwide total. The film will likely hit that in the coming week, as it's just $2M shy. At number 4 we have 'Hereditary', dubbed as this years horror surprise and, "the scariest movie of all time". Well, what's scary is its opening numbers totalling $13+M. With a $10M budget, it's not the worst opening in the world, but it's not as if this will be the box office breakout hit of the year. The number 3 movie is the irreverent, juvenile and hyperviolent superhero smash 'Deadpool 2', bringing in 'Hereditary' numbers with a $14.1M weekend. The sequel has brought in a total $655M worldwide. The original film came to a total of $783.1M, so it doesn't look like the sequel will do quite as well, but for a $110M film, Deadpool remains one of the most profitable film franchises in existence. A third film is all but guaranteed at this point. The biggest disappointment of the year, 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' has brought in $15.7M in its third weekend, which brings its worldwide total to a resounding $313.4M. That's incredibly low considering the film's $250M budget, the immense marketing costs that follow any Star Wars property. It's by far the least successful…

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